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raising children

Over the years, I'd had to let my "type-A-ness" slide, accepting that I simply will not have the time I need to put things "right"
It doesn't have to be complicated.
An excess of parental smothering prevents a young person from growing up to feel confident and empowered.
We are both very open to other religions, and that has been a major factor in making our relationship work for us.
Canada currently ranks 14th out of the 41 richest countries for teen mental health and a shocking 31st out of 41 for teen suicide. Why do we rank so low you may ask? That's the question experts across the country are working to address each day.
These are all important principles that children need to be exposed to from a young age, that should come automatically as they get older, because it is part of the fibre of their being. That's because their parents - who are their first, most important and life-long teachers - have taught them these important lessons.
It's all about teamwork.
In the quiet of your room I felt myself fighting back tears. In the quiet of your room I realized how quickly you are growing. In the quiet of your room I felt the incredible pressure. In the quiet of your room I felt the weight of being your mom. Being a mom, being your mom, is my greatest joy. But it is also my biggest responsibility.
Boys do cry.