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rape culture

A sexual violence advocate explains why laughing doesn't equal consent.
Once you notice how many parts of our culture normalize rape, you'll start seeing it everywhere.
I didn't tell anyone about it, all I wanted was for it to go away, but instead it completely changed my life.
You're possibly having "I guess" sex or "nobody asked you" sex, and guess what? Neither of those sound consensual.
The #MeToo movement serves as a reminder that, no matter what does or does not go viral on social media, the real virus is sexual assault.
It encompasses a much broader range of behaviours, beliefs and norms than actual rape.
If all genders are not on board with the concept that consensual sexual activity is enjoyable and fulfilling, we will not make any headway.
As a victim, as a woman who was not believed, as someone who has had to live with the trauma of being abused for the better part of a decade, I really feel for Camille Cosby right now. What horror would she have to face in admitting that 59 women can't be wrong?
The confessional is part of a week-long offering of events at the University of Regina by Man Up Against Violence.
"No" NEVER means "yes."
Having been a counsellor and crisis interventionist, I have supported people who only began dealing with horrible experiences after a trigger in their environment. And far as emotional triggers around sexual abuse go; this election is a doozy.
Thoughtful and attentive people of all ages and affiliations now have chilling clarity about the depth of the double standard and breadth of unconscious bias and its impact on women -- even those who have, in fact, worked twice as hard to be thought half as good.
Teal Swan was only six years old when she found herself in the hands of her abuser and forced into a nightmarish world that a lot of people were unwilling (or unable) to believe. For the better part of 13 years, she was was raped, beaten and psychologically tortured by people who she was told to trust.
"Women have tweeted me sexual assault stories for 14 hours straight ... Do not ignore."
Quite often, visibly Muslim women receive the worst of Islamophobic violence and harassment. And when they face violence from within their communities, Muslim women may be unlikely to report it, knowing that their communities are already over-policed.
I'm going to provide some gruesome details of rape to get the attention of the people who need to listen. I have tried more "respectable" ways of demanding accountability from McGill, ways that honour my own dignity, and they failed. At this point, I know nobody will listen unless I put my body on the line and make a scene.
My personal journey reconnecting with myself after sexual trauma was long and sinuous. I went through different phases as
Partnering with men and boys involves helping them develop a healthy, non-violent, and respectful outlook towards themselves and their relationships, and models of manliness where they are equals amongst their peers. Engaging boys and adolescents in the process at all levels is also key to empowering a generation of young people with the capacity to claim their own rights and respect those of everyone around them.