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rape culture

A sexual violence advocate explains why laughing doesn't equal consent.
Once you notice how many parts of our culture normalize rape, you'll start seeing it everywhere.
I didn't tell anyone about it, all I wanted was for it to go away, but instead it completely changed my life.
You're possibly having "I guess" sex or "nobody asked you" sex, and guess what? Neither of those sound consensual.
The #MeToo movement serves as a reminder that, no matter what does or does not go viral on social media, the real virus is sexual assault.
It encompasses a much broader range of behaviours, beliefs and norms than actual rape.
If all genders are not on board with the concept that consensual sexual activity is enjoyable and fulfilling, we will not make any headway.
As a victim, as a woman who was not believed, as someone who has had to live with the trauma of being abused for the better part of a decade, I really feel for Camille Cosby right now. What horror would she have to face in admitting that 59 women can't be wrong?