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International student enrolment is an especially big question mark because of COVID-19 travel restrictions.
The bank has stopped making specific forecasts, due to the high level of uncertainty.
Working from home is expected to cause a "dramatic decline" in productivity, Canada's statistical agency says.
The ex-Bank of Canada head says policymakers would have little wiggle room to stimulate the economy in a sharp downturn.
Every part of the country looks different when it comes to the economy. But which regions have the best outlook? HuffPost’s senior business editor, Daniel Tencer, tells us which industries will see a hiring boom and which will see hard times in 2020.
But it turns out you don’t need a recession for Canadians to suffer financially.
A prolonged slowdown with low or negative interest rates would wreak havoc in the industry, a review from McKinsey concluded.
Canada kind of sucks at this free trade thing; the U.S. faces a record labour shortage.
The country would fall into recession if three-quarters of the money laundering suddenly disappeared, a new analysis says.