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refugees in

"We help, we hire all Canadians regardless of where they come from."
What a difference a year makes.
Amnesty releases a list of most-welcoming countries to refugees and No. 1 may surprise you.
Our arrival in Canada started in earnest after the 1983 anti-Tamil riot in Sri Lanka. The mass exodus accelerated in the last decade of the last century, resulting in largest Sri Lankan Tamil population outside of Sri Lanka. Since then, collectively the lives of Tamils were "rewired".
As a newly arrived immigrant to Canada 40 years ago, a neighbour's simple gesture made a "profound impact" on Tony Singh's life.
"Everyone’s been really excited to make things happen."
How is it possible that in Canada in 2013 "sanctuary," a medieval concept of Church protection, is still necessary? Across this country, here and there, in Vancouver, Regina,Toronto, Montreal and other places, people are living in churches.
The little girl from Iran was ready to meet Santa. She had heard all about the jolly man in a red suit, but never actually seen him in person. Anahita Azita emerged from the Christie Refugee Welcome Centre in Toronto, dressed in a princess costume someone had donated. Her face was a picture of joyous anticipation.