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renewable energy

The NDP leader says Ford’s government is “waging war” on the environment.
Oil production costs will have to come way down to be competitive with renewables a decade from now, a new study says.
Canada might actually be losing jobs right now; renewable energy is now often cheaper than fossil fuels.
Let's start relating climate change problems to the shared benefits of addressing the issue
Curve Lake First Nation had a 15 per cent stake in two multi-million dollar projects.
The country had too much renewable energy to use it all.
Any real comparison between oilsands and lithium batteries shows that oilsands products are by far the most destructive.
For electric cars to make a noticeable impact on climate change, there also needs to be a shift in how electricity is generated.
A majority — 80 per cent — feel either positively or neutral about new pipelines.
Meeting Canada's Paris Agreement commitments could prove to be an employment bonanza.
But many workers can expect to take a pay cut.
Climate change is already costing Canadians money, and it will cost us more.
Political representatives have given us an ambitious agenda for the next 15 years, but it's up to us all to respond.
Solar thermal advocates are fond of reminding us that homes, especially those in Canada use about 70 per cent of their energy for heating. As solar photovoltaic prices continue to plummet, some net-zero home builders have started pairing solar PV with air-source heat pumps for space heating and electric resistance water heaters to produce hot water.
Thanks to incredible improvements in the harvesting and storage of solar energy, manufacturers are creating increasingly efficient systems which makes solar the most viable alternative to fossil-fuel energy.
The transition to clean energy, it turns out, may not actually be that controversial. Two-thirds of Canadians now say we
The risks of not enacting change significantly outweigh the risks of implementing new technologies. Holding back is already costing us money and causing further damage to the environment, and the longer we wait, the worse it will get. Canada has an opportunity to be a leader and to show the world that it is possible.
there are two wolves inside each of us, continuously in conflict. One is evil: it is anger, jealousy, resentment, greed, arrogance and lies. The other is good: it is serenity, contentment, love, generosity, humility and truth. The grandson thinks for a minute, then asks, "Which one wins?" The old man answers simply, "The one we feed."
The clean money revolution has been quietly unfolding since the 60s and is now showing signs of explosive demand. What's different today? The largest generational transfer of wealth in our history is underway. This estimated $50 trillion dollars of inherited capital can remake the world, even a world dominated by Trump.