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Rick Mercer rant

His rant comes after the government's first "Trudeauversary."
The company pays less than four dollars for every million litres of water.
"He's like a Rod Stewart impersonator. Big crowds in small towns only."
"I don't know what this means but I kinda like it."
Canada is boring again. And Rick kind of likes it that way.
"The only promise now is if you read the comments, you will despair for society."
"He’s learning so fast."
"It’s important we get this right."
"Print is not dead. But with owners like that, it’s on life support."
And the CBC comedian has an important message for your new or re-elected MP.
“It’s like the notion of nation-building is gone.”
Canadian youth haven't given up on politics. They discuss it on social media, debating with their friends and family online about policy implementation and other issues. They have given up on expressing their opinions, not between themselves, but to the politicians because often times this dialogue is a one-way street.
"They do not get to choose what this election is about, we do. Just like we get to choose who runs this country. That's our job. All we have to do is show up and do it."
But I guess, when it comes to the little things in this world like committing troops, going to war, or getting into a size contest with Vladimir Putin, it’s okay to play with the truth," rips Mercer.
Rant inspires us all not to give into fear.
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