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Rick Mercer

On this edition: Haviah Mighty wins the Polaris Music Prize, and Rick Mercer calls out the Conservative Party for a meme.
The since-deleted meme showed an image of Mercer with the quote "Vote Conservative."
Kenney has faced criticism for his comments about gay-straight alliances.
This is a beautiful tribute to the late Canadian artist.
He doesn't hold back.
His rant comes after the government's first "Trudeauversary."
The company pays less than four dollars for every million litres of water.
Look to the south for a cautionary tale, he says.
Storytellers often draw upon what they know. You could program an entire cable network with nothing but movies and TV shows self-reflectively set within the world of Hollywood. Yet the Canadian film and TV industry has rarely been explored in Canadian films or TV.
This year, the World Health Organization is calling on the global community to "end malaria for good" by lowering the global malaria burden over the next 15 years, and reducing malaria death rates by at least 90%. We still have a long way to go, but the end of the malaria epidemic may finally be in sight, and could even be achieved within our lifetime.
To be fair, a shed could come at a reasonable rate.
"He's like a Rod Stewart impersonator. Big crowds in small towns only."
"I don't know what this means but I kinda like it."
Canada is boring again. And Rick kind of likes it that way.
And those "ridiculous" plot twists, too.
"It is time for provinces to start asking what’s in it for Canada, not just what’s in it for me."