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riot vancouver

In North America, a sweet 16 bash, getting a driver's license, or earning a high school diploma defines the transformation to adulthood. Pretty mundane and uninspiring. Without formalized rites of passage, it's no wonder children create their own in order to prove they can take on the world.
If the media ignores online social media chatter, would the riot's impact have been different? I suspect yes. They took pictures, then the media went wild putting their pictures on television. These young adults could not have been more thrilled with the outcome.
Real Canucks fans realized it wasn't their night and proceeded to shake hands with the Bruins hands around them. Real Canucks fans had honour, like hockey players have honour.
Is this what policing in Canada has come to? Let the thugs take over and then ask the public for clues? If the rank-and-file officers in Vancouver are anything like those in Toronto, they are embarrassed by their leadership.
The 2011 Stanley Cup riot in Vancouver will be remembered as being much worse than the city's 1994 riot, the man who investigated
It started as a simple (but big) hockey game, the Boston Bruins winning the Stanley Cup after beating the Vancouver Canucks