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Rob Anders

It looks like Rob Anders is considering a run at the Wildrose Party leadership. Anders, the outgoing MP for the riding of
While protests for greater democratic rights continue in Hong Kong, some fear there could be a crackdown similar to what occurred in Tiananmen Square in 1989. Below is a list of the MPs who made reference to Tiananmen on or around June 4 during the past 15 years.
Longtime Conservative MP Rob Anders has lost the party nomination for the riding of Calgary Signal Hill riding to former
Ron Liepert, a former Alberta PC MLA seeking a federal Conservative nomination in Calgary, says competitor MP Rob Anders
OTTAWA – Stephen Harper is endorsing every incumbent Conservative MP facing a challenge for their nomination in 2015, The
Controversial Conservative MP Rob Anders says he has won the endorsement of Canada's top Tory — Prime Minister Stephen Harper
A bit of advice for MP Blaine Calkins, who just this week told Justin Trudeau that, if he wants to confiscate rifles and shotguns from law-abiding firearm owners, he would have to pry them from his cold, dead hands: don't be so trigger happy. Before Mr. Calkins makes any other overly dramatic proclamations during members' statements, I would like to point out two things.
One of Canada's most controversial members of Parliament is at it again. This time, Calgary West MP Rob Anders is facing
Former provincial Tory minister Ron Liepert has made official his intentions to dethrone controversial Calgary MP Rob Anders
Could history remember Stephen Harper as the last and only modern leader of a strong, united Conservative Party? Everybody