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John Tory will be the next mayor of Canada's largest city after winning the Toronto municipal election. Tory, a former telecommunications
A 43-year-old man was arrested after a brawl with a volunteer at Rob Ford’s Scarborough campaign headquarters on Wednesday
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford will be a no-show at two mayoral debates planned for this week, after dropping out at the 11th hour
A new poll suggests that Rob Ford has moved definitively into second place in the Toronto mayoral race, outpacing Olivia
In what could turn out to be his last council meeting as Toronto mayor, Rob Ford fought back tears while thanking both his
It appears the Ford brothers can’t even show up to an event these days without sparking controversy. On Monday, a Toronto
Rob Ford says the "Ford Fest" barbecue he is hosting this week is not a campaign event, even if robocall invitations to the
Rob Ford was the sole member of Toronto city council not to give a standing ovation on Wednesday to the staff and organizers
Rob Ford says an addiction "disease" that cannot be cured caused him to say and do ugly things in the past. But the Toronto
Rob Ford says rehab saved his life. And now Toronto's controversial mayor says he looks forward to serving Canada’s largest
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford says he will be back on the campaign trail by Canada Day. Ford, currently at the GreeneStone Muskoka
But The Globe published an editorial Tuesday also arguing Torontonians deserve more clarity in light of Rob Ford's previous
The council meeting briefly debated Ford's call for a re-vote but then moved on to other business. It was unclear if another
But while the Fords paint themselves as underdogs in this fight, a Toronto group is raising money to remind voters about
They were laughing with him, not at him. That was Councillor Doug Ford's message to reporters the morning after his brother's
It's been another strange week in the life of Robert Bruce Ford. First, the mayor of Canada's largest city told a reporter
2012-04-27-mediabitesreal.jpgHopefully by now we all grasp the concept that Rob Ford maintains his 47 per cent approval rating as much because of his personal flaws as in spite of them. If you're part of the Ford Nation rainbow coalition of indigent immigrants and lower-class suburban whites, chances are you see an awful lot of yourself in the man. Uncomplicated class appeal is not the only reason for Ford's popularity, of course. But it's certainly reason enough to remain bullish on the man's chances for re-election.
Rob Ford thinks everything will work out fine — if he can just lose enough weight. The Toronto mayor has been working out
He says he hasn't had a drink since November, but that doesn't mean Rob Ford can't cut loose. The bombastic mayor of Toronto
If this is a preview of the Toronto mayoral race, get ready for one heated campaign. Tempers flared during a special meeting