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The Globe and Mail's Ann Hui said Mammoliti made the sign as a joke and wants Doug Ford to run. Doug Ford isn't saying if
Mayor Ford has finally allowed himself, in his own words, to be "vulnerable" and seek help for his substance abuse problems. I don't like Ford. I didn't vote for him. Politically, he and I are at opposite ends of the spectrum. He has shown misogynistic, racist and homophobic streaks. A lot of people like his regular-folk demeanour and manner of speaking, but I cringe at his delivery. I hope he doesn't get re-elected. But the man is, by all accounts, an addict. He deserves some privacy, and some decent human compassion for what he, and his family, are suffering.
And he has other issues. Like balance. This guy was reportedly connected to Al Capone. And coordination. Toronto is bigger
If you're middle or lower class in Canada -- the very group of people Rob Ford has always professed to represent -- you can't just go to rehab when you want to go. If you can't afford private treatment, you have to get in line. You will likely spend months before your name makes it to the top of the list, and hopefully when your turn arrives you'll still be willing to go and will still be alive. I ended up getting fast-tracked to my government rehab after I overdosed while on the wait list. It's easy to give up when the pain is unbearable, even when help is just weeks away.
Toronto's embattled mayor Rob Ford left the city Thursday morning on a private plane to Chicago, Global News reports. Ford
22 Minutes is joining the widespread mockery of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford for confusing Winnipeg and Windsor on a trip to Chicago
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford took to the airwaves Sunday and criticized the very radio station on which he was broadcasting — Newstalk
Rob Ford was probably hoping his trip to Chicago would be a respite from his woes back home in Toronto. No luck. Toronto's