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rob ford cocaine

Marion Barry, the man who made smoking crack while mayor of a major city famous, says Rob Ford can't hold a candle to him
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s wife Renata expressed concern about her husband’s drug use to a “confidant,” according to a new
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is alleged to have been a frequent user of crack, marijuana and heroin according to explosive court
Rob Ford's sexually explicit language in a live, on-air statement to the media left CP24 reporter Katie Simpson speechless
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admitted that he may have driven after drinking alcohol, said he plans to sue four police witnesses
Journalists and lawyers on Wednesday received more documents from the police investigation into Ford staffer Alexander Lisi
New allegations that Rob Ford used cocaine, OxyContin and partied with a suspected prostitute are setting social media ablaze
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admitted to reporters at City Hall Tuesday that he has smoked crack cocaine. UPDATE: At a news conference
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford took the city by surprise today with an admission that he did indeed smoke crack cocaine. "I made
While Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was busy (allegedly) smoking crack, Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson was smoking something a
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is almost as popular now as he was in the first few months after his landslide victory in the 2010
The ongoing Rob Ford "crack video" saga has become a daily ‘he-said, media-said’ affair, with stunning allegations made by
Rob Ford has chosen to imitate an ostrich when it comes to questions regarding "the video." He has buried his head in the sand. It's a lousy strategy, highlighting only his ability to run away from trouble. It's not leadership - it's panic. And it's especially sad when he had so many options open to him. Instead, he ran away and hid like a scared, petulant child. And it's this complete and total lack of leadership that has doomed him. At this point, it doesn't matter whether the video is real or not - the electorate has seen their Mayor as someone who clearly cannot handle dealing with a rough situation when the chips are down.
Federal Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has responded to the anti-gay slur Toronto Mayor Rob Fordallegedly uttered against
Jon Stewart mercilessly mocked Rob Ford on "The Daily Show" Tuesday night amid allegations that Toronto's mayor smokes crack
UPDATE: On November 5, 2013, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admitted to smoking crack cocaine about a year ago. Toronto’s ‘Crackgate
Every time it feels like things can't possibly get any worse, Toronto politics finds a way to stoop to a new low. Rob Ford is engaged in yet another race to the bottom. Nonetheless, it's interesting to examine the attacks on Sarah Thomson, and the painfully-flawed logic behind them. But it's really worth examining the true meaning of the statements, and what it says about how sexual assault claims are treated. Exactly what burden of proof do we require before we believe a woman who claims assault? It seems that the court of public opinion requires a higher burden of proof than any other court in the land.
Toronto’s ‘Ass-gate’ scandal just got even weirder. Sarah Thomson kicked things up a notch Monday morning, telling two radio