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Rob Ford scandal

It's been more than a year since Ford was revealed to be a crack smoker but he has maintained his meaty grip on power, and is currently dominating the media coverage of Toronto's upcoming municipal election. To pull this off, Ford has redefined the art of crisis communications, demonstrating that you can survive scandal by simply avoiding the truth or drowning it out. Ford is not, of course, the first to use silence, denial and obfuscation to advance his own interests.
For the longest time, councillor Doug Ford has often been uttering one of the least intelligent statements about blacks in Toronto. In defending the shortcomings of his brother, Mayor Rob Ford, he often remarks how "Rob Ford has done more for the black community than the hundreds of black leaders in the community." I beg to differ.
You've got to hand it to Rob Ford: His passion for coaching high school football is undeniable. Author Robyn Doolittle appeared
While in B.C. for a funeral, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was spotted at Coquitlam pub the Foggy Dew (and, uh, ticketed for jaywalking
It seems the situation in Toronto has officially gone from awkward to extremely awkward. Embattled Toronto Mayor Rob Ford
Rob Ford is not backing down from his vile suggestion that a Toronto Star reporter leaned over his fence and took photos
Dale also tweeted after the show, thanking followers for their support. The journalist denounced Ford's remarks in an interview
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford says he didn't know that three men he posed with in a photo last weekend had ties to the Hells Angels
It appears as if there is a brand of politicians that has forded the line from charisma to outright marketing. This kind is overdramatic, scandalous, ruthless, and will admit to have engaged in dishonest or illicit activities, perhaps for popularity.
Let's face it. The late comedian Chris Farley was the perfect person to play Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. This movie trailer, which
Lady Gaga may dress like she lives in La La Land, but could she be carrying a passport for Ford Nation? During a promotional
Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Toronto Mayor Rob Ford continued his media blitz
The capital of Texas' slogan is "Keep Austin Weird" but the weirdness that has pervaded Toronto politics the apst couple
A key member of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's inner circle is now calling on Toronto Mayor Rob Ford to step aside. Multiculturalism
If Rob Ford's political career is over, someone forgot to tell him. In fact, the controversial Toronto mayor, who has admitted
Between Toronto's mayor who might as well be declared the Buffoon King, freewheeling, self-centred Senators who use taxpayer money as their own personal ATMs and a Prime Minister who would rather prorogue than progress, well, it's a great time to be a Canadian comedian. If it weren't so sad.
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who just days ago admitted to drinking and driving, mocked a fellow councillor at City Hall on Monday
If Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is to get re-elected in 2014, this interview with CNN may showcase how he believes it can be done
Out here on the road, we're getting laughed at for being Torontonians. Thanks, Rob Ford. There's nothing else to do but dive in with these jesters and join them so with all the downtime that is afforded to us during the day while on tour I've managed to assemble a few homemade memes at Rob Ford's expense.
Rob Ford's sexually explicit language in a live, on-air statement to the media left CP24 reporter Katie Simpson speechless