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Rob Ford

The late Toronto mayor is portrayed by Damian Lewis in the new film.
Residents can vote for the names of three new streets in Toronto's Etobicoke suburb
Ford Nation and 'Jeopardy!' fans had something in common for a brief moment.
The property has provided the backdrop for plenty of high-profile Ford news events.
Doug Ford's campaign for premier evokes the same underlying logic used by his brother, Rob Ford, as mayor.
His pitch was simple. The details were scarce. It worked.
"I tell ya, I'm just getting chills talking about him right now."
The Ontario PC leader says he is "floored" by his sister-in-law's lawsuit.
Given Doug Ford's record of lying and bullying, it's hardly surprising his slate of candidates think they can get away with anything under his leadership.
Leitch's stance on tightening the vetting process for immigrants and refugees is not the sole parallel between her and President Donald Trump, and we are dangerously recreating the identical scenery that enabled him in the first place. The American media opted to saturate their coverage of Trump, even when he was struggling during the Republican primaries.