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Ron James

Ron James may not be a towering figure in height but when it comes to comedic talent and astute observations on people and
Words and terms often have double meanings, it's true. We frequently use our language to hide what we really want to say
Ever wonder what human beings would do if we encountered alien life? Well, Canadian comedian Ron James tackles that question
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Ever have the urge to look back into your family history, and discover something you wish you hadn't? That's what Canadian
Remember when it was simple to buy toys for kids? Those days are long gone, laments Canadian comedian Ron James. On the lastest
Feeling romantic? In the latest episode of "The Ron James Show," the Canadian comedian gives us tips on what works better
In today's insane pop culture environment, it can be tough being a parent. On the latest episode of "The Ron James Show," Canadian
Still a little fuzzy on what terms like 'surgical strike' and 'collateral damage' mean? Not to worry. Ron James speaks fluent
It's no secret that Canadians (especially the environmentally-conscious ones) aren't fans of the proposed Gateway oil pipeline