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Some of her peers asked if anything else could be done beyond a “symbolic gesture.”
TFW your ideal salary is five times the national median income.
The traditional reasoning is that it gives the wrong impression (that you're only interested in money), and that it pushes the conversation into a negotiation (and you've just blinked first). Is this accurate?
A salary negotiation is no place for joking around. Or is it? Evidence from some social psychologists suggests that humour - the right kind of humour deployed at the right time - can work in your favour, especially in sensitive situations like salary negotiations.
While research increasingly places feeling valued and getting promoted on the same level as being well paid, we still need to feel we are being fairly paid. I have always felt that compensation is another way of keeping score and of measuring your professional value.
Your work-life balance is a concern, but so is your taxable income. Perhaps your new salary puts you into a higher tax bracket, and 40 per cent of your raise will be going to the government. Is the promotion worth it?
The new minister of Health and Social Services, Gaétan Barrette, is admired by some for his "audacity." We propose a few
While Millennials are known for being the generation of "job-hoppers," switching jobs year-to-year, data from our most recent study shows that the threat posed by high unemployment rates is starting to impact our career goals. A flashy open-concept office or extravagant signing bonus may not be what many new grads are looking for.
In every case, the government's anti-union measures are a solution in search of a problem. They are a transparent attempt to damage the financial viability of trade unions and they lay bare the hypocrisy of Conservative parties and governments who, while professing a commitment to streamline useless red tape for Canadian businesses, are ideologically driven to create a choking amount of red tape for trade unions.
OTTAWA — The Conservative government won't say how many of its political staff earn more than $100,000 but it has no problem