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sarah polley

When she was just 14, she had a kissing scene with a 26-year-old actor on "Road to Avonlea."
The representation problem on Canadian screens is severe, not just in terms of ethnic diversity but also gender. Why are we still slow on the take, emulating what Hollywood does without considering what we should be doing better? Why are we still waiting for someone else to fix our problem?
Let's start with an experiment. Take 10 seconds to write down as many Canadian films as you can. Ok, so how many did you come up with? "Not many" is the answer I received when asking the question to random folks.
To Cinderella, Toronto International Film Festival galas seemed exclusive to Hollywood royalty. The city's socialistas and Twitterati hobnobbed on the rooftop and surveyed their opulent kingdom. But soon the enchantment wore thin.