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"If you think you’re above a scarf, you don’t exist because everybody loves scarves due to how necessary they are, so nice try."
Baby, it's cold outside.
My love of scarves is very real because my love of being warm is very real. I mean, hello: winter scarves keep you warm, they’re
Now that reality is the new fiction/entertainment, I find myself doubting what's true or false. Is everyone on Facebook really that perfect? Are we raising a generation of wimps? Can homegrown videos reach nine million people organically? Is bacon a food or an industry? And for the love of God, will the real James Franco please stand up.
The fashion blogger behind the site Wendy’s Lookbook always has some of the most well-produced videos on the subject of style
Keeping cozy as the weather cools has never been more fun -- so why not spend some time bundling up with one of these awesome