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By linking their value to approval from others, they are searching outside of themselves in order to feel good and worthy.
The relationship started with a desperate desire to be in FULL control.
For days when you're feeling low.
Playing pretend is fun, but it's just a distraction from what's below the surface. I have to be OK on my own terms if I want to be happy, and so do you.
Proving self-love is so, so important.
"Confident people achieve more."
Like many lovely things in life, comfort zones have an evil side. They can get so - well, comfy. Before we know it, we're prisoners of our own experiences. We start to exist only within the confines of our comfort zones, when they're supposed to be places we go to for refueling, not places we live in 24/7.
Who run the world? Girls.
My sister Yasmin took this picture on Jan 7, 2013. It was after my six-hour long emergency brain surgery. No one knew if I would wake up, but she took this picture. After months of living in the hospital and doing more weeks of therapy that I can count, I did recover from having a stroke and brain surgery.
Canadian model Stacey McKenzie has dealt with her fair share of rejection.
You don't need to fake perfection.
Remember that sweater you feel great in? It's time to get reacquainted.
The information technology industry is one of America's most thriving sectors, according to a plethora of industry experts
I recently read a heart-wrenching essay in The Globe and Mail's Facts and Arguments section. It's about a woman named Sally who is going through a difficult emotional time and questioning the universe while having a spa day. Her turmoil was palpable, her angst was raw, and her self-doubt was heart-wrenching.
Whether you have taken a few small trips, or just wondering what's out there, time spent traveling is one of the most important things you can do. Travel doesn't just broaden your horizons but helps you grow as a person. And if you really want to grow as a person traveling alone is the best way to accomplish that. That might seem overwhelming but let me show you 4 reasons why it can be the best thing for you.
She hopes the dress will help people learn to accept their bodies and be who they are.
The feeling of not being enough is a lie that many of us end up believing at some point. It can send us on a dangerous chase to find external things to make us feel satisfied, but there is no such thing. If we can't find happiness within, we will never be able to find it externally.
I'm currently taking a refresher course on dealing with aggressiveness in someone we want to have a relationship with. When
Artists can teach you everything you need to know about being creative. Don't worry, don't get your Dockers in a twist. You don't need to actually sculpt or paint or perform an expressive dance. You just have to think like those who do.
Winnie Harlow may be one of the most influential models in the world right now, but don’t call her a role model. The 22-year-old Mississauga, Ont. native has defied traditional beauty ideals by taking on the fashion industry and not letting her vitiligo (a condition characterized by the depigmentation of skin) get in the way of success. But she still doesn’t see herself as someone to look up to.