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sex advice

Should you talk about it or pretend you're fine?
Our systems are as delicate as flowers and we need to treat them that way if we wanna stay nice n' randy.
Rather than trying to incorporate new sex acts that might not feel totally natural, it can be helpful to bring back old moves.
But they also don't know how to communicate with their partner.
Good sex therapy allows you to feel empowered and validated in your sexuality. Don't settle for less.
No, it's not just you.
"Size isn't as important as it's made out to be in porn."
How to enjoy an extra large package.
"Sex is a dance with more than one beat."
Forget hitting the books, it's time to hit the sheets.
"There's still no denying that being turned down hurts."
Wishing your lover would take a bit more control in the bedroom? Frustrated by his hesitation to be the boss while you happily submit? Don't know how to bring this up without embarrassment and possible disappointment? You are not alone!
It's not necessarily a bad thing.
Maybe we should all be like Quebec.
The high cost of housing is not the only thing you will pay for in British Columbia. As it turns out living in B.C. may also cost you your sex life! British Columbians are the LEAST satisfied with their romantic and sex lives among all Canadians , according to the Global News IPSOS Poll.
A few months ago, the internet lit up in a frenzy when UFC fighter Ronda Rousey attempted to give sex advice by suggesting, "You should never need lube in your life. If you need lube, then you're being lazy." Her comment is completely misguided and misinformed.
"I don't want you to see my flaws, but I do want you to see in general."
Not only is he hilarious, but he's super knowledgeable too.
Our igloos have melted and the sun is out, and we busy Canucks are ready to get (even more) busy. "Canadians are very open
Having sex with a new partner is always a bit nerve wracking—whether it’s just your first time together or your first time with anyone.