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Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley has caught blond fever! The "Divergent" actress is the latest celebrity to have dyed her locks a few shades
It's everyone's right to have an opinion. But here is what bothers me: they've got the wrong definition. They are basing their judgment of me, my beliefs and on feminism as a whole, on inaccurate information. What I am calling for is a re-education of women, and men, across North America. If you take a look at feminism's goal (one more time: equality!) and still want to tote a sign that says, "I'm an anti-feminist," I suppose that is your prerogative.
In only a few days, our tears will be unleashed en mass as "The Fault in Our Stars" opens. And with it, a brand new teen
She's been called the heir apparent to Jennifer Lawrence in the movie biz and now Shailene Woodley seems to be channeling
Oh hey there, gorgeous Shailene Woodley! Jennifer Lawrence's heir apparent took a major style risk on the "Divergent" red
From Katniss Everdeen, to Bella Swan, to Hermione Granger, to Mia Thermopolis, it seems like just about every heroine needs some convincing to realize how beautiful they are. Because, of course, they are beautiful -- though often the character requires a makeover before she herself and the world around her (except, of course, for that One Special Boy Who Always Knew) realize her true beauty. The message that we get over and over is that beauty, even hidden beauty, is somehow part and parcel of being an exceptional, successful young woman.
Normally we wouldn't be into a dress that looks like a bed comforter but Shailene Woodley makes it work! The "Divergent" star
Shailene Woodley is not one of those people who cries when they get their long locks chopped off. The "Divergent" actress
Every week we choose an accessory we've spotted on a celebrity which we're obsessing over. Last Week:Olivia Palermo's tribal