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sleep training

Only you can decide what works for your family. But here's one option.
To have a baby that won't sleep — at all — is to know true anguish.
Nothing can cause an argument faster in a group of parents than when someone brings up sleep training. Opinions range from "do it as early as possible" to "only terrible parents sleep train." With so many myths about sleep training out there, who do you believe? Let's examine the eight most common myths about sleep training and see what holds up.
Parenting expert Alyson Schafer weighs in.
None of us want to deal with a sleep-deprived child.
Alyson Schafer reveals optimal time to get your baby "sleeping through the night."
When a woman is pregnant, she's constantly reminded to cherish her sleeping hours while she can. My wife Noelle was told of what seemed like endurance experiments involving no sleep combined with non-stop feeding, diaper changes, constant laundry and hosting visits from well-meaning friends and relatives.