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small and medium enterprises

According to the Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada, innovative SMEs including businesses who export, tend to outperform non-innovators. Today, reaching international markets is vital for continued growth for Canadian entrepreneurs.
By making it easier to navigate the tax rules and meet their obligations, Canadians will spend less time and less of their money on preparing their taxes, leaving more in their pockets. For Canadian businesses, productivity could improve as they spend less time, effort and capital dealing with tax compliance and red tape.
Enterprise Resource Planning is business process management software that allows organizations to manage and automate back office functions like product planning, marketing, sales, distribution, human resources and manufacturing into a unified, comprehensive structure.
As 2016 gets underway, organizations are searching for new ways to grow, compete, and win. They know technology will play a role. While it's impossible to have a crystal ball to predict the future, some key trends have emerged in the coming year that are relevant for small and medium-sized organizations. Here are five ones to watch.
Like a plant needs water, every business requires a great deal of working capital to grow. However, getting access to capital has historically been a problem for small- and medium-sized businesses in Canada. Here's how Canadian companies can use smart cash flow management to fund their growth and build a competitive advantage.
Cloud technology is transforming how businesses operate -- from convenient and secure data storage to hosted business applications and telecom services. The cloud also offers endless possibilities for smaller companies to lower their costs, improve productivity and match the service levels of larger enterprises.
Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) remain at the heart of our economy and help create thriving, prosperous communities. Yet in the wake of Statistics Canada's latest jobs report it is becoming clear that the Conservatives' big-business agenda is failing to create quality, decent paying jobs and get the Canadian economy growing again.
Social entrepreneurship understand that it's about big ideas in small packages that have the potential to effect enormous social change. Social entrepreneurship is about the regional and global impact that can be unleashed if start-up solutions to local problems are given the support to grow, scale-up, and spread around the world. Here are some insights into what it takes to grow and scale.