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small business

Montreal was considered the seventh deadliest place in the world for COVID-19 related deaths.
Loblaws got cheap with its "hero pay" and food apps stole restaurants' lunch money, but many businesses stepped up to help in a time of crisis.
The pandemic has been brutal to small businesses. In Canada, some small business owners rose to the challenge and came up with creative and innovative solutions to win customers and stay relevant even in this challenging year.
Our decision to eliminate tipping during the pandemic is less about what will work and more about what is right.
Nothing can stop these adaptable business owners from thriving in the face of adversity. They share their stories of perseverance, transformation, and the power of pivoting.
European countries had mechanisms in place to keep people attached to work during a crisis. In Canada, we had to reinvent the wheel.
The Liberals' 75-per-cent wage subsidy may have prevented many layoffs, CFIB says.
The measure should help struggling businesses keep workers on their payroll, he says.
This is what paying it forward looks like in the age of a pandemic.