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snoop dogg

The king of chilling out and the queen of 'Frozen' unite.
His venture capital firm invests in businesses that support the cannabis industry.
This should be fun.
Nothin' but a B.C. thang.
They were using their talents and resources to pursue their passions. We often celebrate young people (think Bill Gates for instance) for doing this in other businesses and personal pursuits, but it takes on a very different tone when young black men from stigmatized areas take an unconventional path and invest their energies into it.
Welcome back, Snoop Dogg.
"As we step forward as a country, we need to make decisions."
Who says puppy love can't last?
The former deputy mayor didn't have to be so mean about it.
The day of the Justin BieberComedy Central roast is almost upon us. We've read the best of the roast jokes and we've seen
It's a bit of an understatement to say that the world of music can be a strange and unexpected place. As fans, we're constantly
Let's set the record straight. I am not a tech goddess. But I do spend the majority of my days fixed to my laptop. Beyond
If you had to choose the one artist who's enjoyed the most success in the music world over the past year, it has to be Pharrell
*** NOTE: Foul Language Ahead!" *** You'd think this would have happened a looong time ago. The Trailer Park Boys — Robb
Hot on the heels of crossing the two billion view mark with "Gangnam Style," K-pop legend Psy has dropped his latest music
Vancouver's own Seth Rogen taught Snoop Dogg — a pot advocate if there ever was one — a thing or two about rolling joints
I had the chance to catch up with Snoop Dogg and get his thoughts on the Battle of California. Snoop's a big hockey fan and has been following this series from overseas in Africa. Snoop's pick? L.A. in seven. "Jeff carter's on a hot streak right now, and I don't think San Jose can hold him back," Snoop said.
Reincarnated doc, which debuted to a standing ovation at the Toronto International Film Festival, is not an ambiguous experience. The film explores both Snoop's life and his journey through Jamaica -- from writing and recording a reggae album (also called Reincarnated) to meeting Bunny Wailer to his baptism at a ceremony in the Nyabinghi Temple -- all done with a deft and sometimes brutally honest hand.
Last month at Caribana, the rapper formerly known as Snoop Dogg made his live debut as the Rastafarian reggae artist Snoop
In the drug-induced haze of the Coachella Music Festival, long-dead rapper Tupac Shakur made a surprise appearance, thanks to the good folks at Digital Domain and AV Concepts, who projected the man onto a transparent screen. From a marketing perspective, this is ingenious; but it opens the floodgates to something far more disturbing than a mere concert performance.