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social anxiety

Social anxiety is one of the most universal feelings that exists.
Tools to help you have fun when you might want to flee all of the festivities.
If you approach us and get over our slight quirkiness, you'll find in us great conversation and a loyal, straightforward friend.
Although employees may feel that they can hide social anxiety disorder in their personal lives, it's virtually impossible to do the same in the workplace.
It's more than worry.
Are you shy in social situations? Do you get nervous about the thought of attending a professional social situation where you don't know anyone? You may never love entering a room and not knowing a soul, but at least you are willing to do something about it!
People who suffer from it can feel powerless, alone or ashamed.
The bullying I faced earlier in my life, was something that stuck with me and is still something that affects me today. My social anxiety and depression went hand in hand making events seem impossible, school lunch a nightmare and made my bed the only place I felt comfortable being.
Social anxiety is a normal human instinct. Being concerned with what others think makes us conform to social groups. This enhances relationships, makes us love and care for children, and ultimately ensures the survival of the species. But the nature and degree of social anxiety evolves and transforms throughout the life cycle. But in high school it takes on a new dimension. It is one that plays out in the heads of others.