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social distancing

We have tried and failed to live together in various ways for more than 10,000 years.
From maskne to social distancing, 2020 was a gift to our vocabularies.
The area is currently under “red alert” meaning indoor gatherings are prohibited, let alone 83-person ragers.
COVID-era Christmas and other holiday dinners are an etiquette minefield.
The former epicenter hasn't had a viral case since May.
“You gotta practise social distancing, you gotta put on a mask,” the premier said.
It's important to keep following physical distancing rules, even as indoor businesses re-open.
Police found alcohol bottles, human feces and a dead deer at the site.
Just picture Ryan Reynolds lying down on the sidewalk between you and someone else.
Go forth and hug. Just no more than 10 people. And carefully. It's confusing.
Victims can feel pressured to shrug off unwanted contact when the camera's rolling.
These people prove you can have fun while still social distancing responsibly.
Businesses are starting to open up, and we all have some choices to make.
And we’re happy you’re back. Don’t doubt it for a second.
A sexual violence advocate explains why laughing doesn't equal consent.
While crowds can leave me sobbing, social distancing feels like a miracle.
Experts say you need to decide what’s best for both you and the collective good.
No, you can't take it off for a sec and then put it back on.
Though restrictions in the province are loosening, it's still important to maintain distance during the pandemic.
The pull of opioid addiction is strong, but my will to stay present for those I care about is stronger.