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social justice

If a cop tells you to give them your phone during a protest, they're usually in the wrong.
The grassroots project has delivered hundreds of meals since the pandemic hit.
Awarded to her by an anti-poverty group, and she's giving it to a UNICEF organization helping kids in need.
The current systems and structures lead to the oppression of particular groups of people, and we have a duty to work toward addressing this.
I want to know who 'they' are and whether they are really so different from 'us.'
Canadians have been very clear. We believe the growing inequality in our country is unacceptable. Three out of four people feel the issue is getting worse and believe the government should be doing more to address it. So where's the government action?
This discrepancy between HIV/AIDS treatment and LGBTQ rights is a continued battle, and hope lies in education and acceptance. Without eradicating the stigma surrounding LGBTQ citizens, the world's most vulnerable populations will have little hope of eradicating HIV/AIDS on a global scale.
This April 8 we dare you to empathize. We dare you to reflect on the reasons why millions of people, not just Roma, live in squalid conditions, or resort to petty theft. During this time of political and social uncertainty, International Roma Day will show who the real champions of social justice are and who, under that veil, fall short.
Animals are present in almost every aspect of human life: our meals, our clothing, our entertainment industries, and yet they live their lives in the dark. Sometimes their suffering is hidden behind the walls of factory farms, where billions of animals live short, painful lives every year.