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South Asians

It’s all about geography.
I always respond with the line that people are like dogs -- we are all the same species but we have different fur colours and no colour is actually better than the other: it just is. And since the two eldest are animal obsessed, this all makes sense to them. Then sometime last summer my seven-year-old son (who always identifies himself as brown like daddy) started telling me how he wanted "yellow" hair because it was better. Maybe it sounds overdramatic but I actually wanted to cry -- I just couldn't bear the idea that despite all the changes, a little brown boy or girl would automatically think that it was better to be the blonde, blue-eyed guy (or girl).
In Canada, the South Asian's are one of the most political active communities. Despite all of their successes, British Columbia's Ujal Dusanji remains to be the one, and still the first and only Premier of a Canadian province of South Asian heritage. Rana Bokhari intends to become the second.