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spousal support

Spousal support is evolving from the traditional role of a man supporting a woman financially. It's time the courts in Ontario reflect this.
Of course it's romantic to have sunset ceremony with a senorita on the Costa del Sol. But before you start picking out wedding invitations and planning on bringing your sweetheart back to Canada, there is a lot of wisdom in getting the facts about your legal obligations if you to want to marry someone from a foreign country and sponsor them to come to Canada.
Canadian news is mired in ethical debates these days, from questions over government officials' rising salaries, to charity
There are many articles and much research about the costs of divorce, but it is both the costs of life after divorce and the impact on lifestyle that couples should be considering more closely before making a decision to split -- especially if working it out is at all an option.
Wading through the soggy mess that is the ruptured marriage of Hans and Donna Mills can leave one's head spinning and heart aching. Hans has been dubbed Canada's worst deadbeat father by some. When faced with paying additional support, he chose to leave the country, leaving his kids and ex-wife behind for good. Yet, it's difficult to feel much sympathy for the ex-wife, either.
"My wife works, but only makes about one-half of my salary and she's already told me she'd go after everything she's entitled to, i.e. pension, property, alimony... After everything is divided down the middle, would I still be on the hook to pay her alimony for the length of our marriage?"
Judges do not automatically attribute pre-tax corporate income to a shareholder/payor in every case. They will assess each case on its particular facts before providing guidance to counsel about what should happen.
Amicable divorces remain that way until a husband begins a serious relationship with a new lady. One of the easiest ways to have your divorce come "off the rails" is to flaunt a new paramour before your wife is emotionally ready, which in some cases is never.
Will there be a grassroots movement in Canada to rethink spousal support in light of the reforms south of the border? I think it's inevitable.