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spring break

Spring Break is nearly here for most schools, and parents may want a few tips to help keep their children engaged with reading during that time. Dr. Steve Truch, Director of The Reading Foundation clinic in Calgary, offers the following suggestions
Parents need to take advantage of every opportunity to redirect their teens' energies toward more constructive and fulfilling activities, or risk raising a generation of irresponsible, entitled youth with barely any coping skills to bring to their adult lives.
Travel and trouble are two words you definitely don't want to see in the same sentence. TD Insurance recently conducted a
It's a worst-case vacation scenario -- you've been waiting for hours at your airline's gate with your tropical itinerary and (increasingly cranky) kids in tow, when they make the announcement: Your flight will not be taking off as planned. Flight cancellations are often panic-inducing, especially if there are connecting flights, ground transportation and hotel reservations on the clock -- and your dollar.
Here comes the sun!
The benefits of travel on the soul do not disappear as we grow older. In fact, there are many instances where travel has proven to be extremely beneficial for seniors, adding excitement, something to look forward to and an overall new perspective on living. In addition, helping your senior loved one recognize the dream of travel into a reality is a priceless gift.
Would-be vacationers could find themselves paying 30 per cent more for their warm-weather getaways this year. As the Loonie hovers around US$0.75, three-quarters admit the weak currency has impacted their trip plans. But cash-strapped travelers needn't settle for a staycation, as a number of travel rewards credit cards can effectively offset travel costs.
Here's a break down of dates across Canada.
A stylish bag for all of your beach essentials.
Many Canadians think sticking around the Great White North is the last thing they'd want to do on spring vacation. However, Canada is home to a slew of spring break destinations that will make you forget about palm trees and strawberry daiquiris in a matter of seconds. These five underrated Canadian spring break hot spots are ones that will make you brag about staying above the border this year.