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stephen harper senate scandal

The Liberals say Stephen Harper has violated the very rules his office wrote on accountability. On Tuesday, the Liberal Party
A helpful Redditor has reminded us all what the prime minister sounded like when someone else’s scandal was under scrutiny
CALGARY — Stephen Harper’s troops are lining up firmly behind him. The Prime Minister may not have provided any answers or
With the Senate scandal continuing unabated, there is tremendous wear and tear on everyone involved. These scandals tend to take over your entire day, you become buried in the muck, either throwing it or slipping deeper into it. A political crisis of this magnitude wears staff down and it always impacts on the man at the top. It is time for the Prime Minister to pause and reflect.
Patrick Brazeau apparently believes Prime Minister Stephen Harper should heed the words of… former opposition leader Stephen
This week, the embattled federal Conservatives received a gift from the Gods: enough Rob Ford drama to deflect attention from the senate scandal in Ottawa. First there was Ford's sudden ousting of Chief of Staff Mark Towhey. Then, there was Ford's public statement adamantly denying doing crack or being a crack addict ... in the present tense. But as taxpayers and citizens, we should be careful that we don't become so distracted by the local guy squirting mustard on our shirts that we fail to notice the gentlemen from Ottawa carefully picking our back pockets while we fuss.
Stephen Harper will soon join an exclusive club of statesmen and respected world leaders, even as pressure grows over a Senate