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stephen harper

He told CBC’s “The Current” what’s happened over the last four years has been “anomalous."
The former prime minister has been a vocal critic of the Iranian regime.
From Jack Layton's passing to the stunning attack on Parliament Hill.
In 2009, Canada was called the “dirty old man of the climate world.” What’s changed?
The former cabinet minister has denied he wants to replace Scheer as Tory leader.
“Mr. Scheer disagreed with Mr. Spencer’s comments then. He still disagrees with him now," said a spokesperson for the Tory leader.
Doug Ford, Jason Kenney, and now Harper are making it difficult for Scheer to define himself as his own man.
The former prime minister says Canada is at a "turning point."
At a Grit fundraiser, Trudeau painted the next election as a choice between moving forward or sliding back.
Ontario’s infrastructure minister says the PM is “dead wrong.”
And it could win, if Canada's left-leaning parties learn to put outcome before ideology.
There's no getting around the fact that putting off repairs just makes the final bill bigger.
The MPP for King—Vaughan says Ontario’s PC government will leave the next generation better off.
He asked First Nations leaders for "a little patience."
A new policy is being drafted by former Harper staffers dead set against carbon pricing. What's the worst that could happen?
"In the case of our country, we were trying to minimize the losses."
Our health care system and the health of our population depend upon a strong public health sector, that currently has a hand tied behind its back.
Bernier claims the Conservative party has become "intellectually and morally corrupt."
"The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth" kicks off this weekend.