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Sometimes a country is so nice to a prisoner of war, they want to come back.
Pink for girls and blue for boys can instill harmful stereotypes in young kids.
Calgary dad David Bacque thinks everyone should try it.
Whether Apu lives or dies, stays or goes, I would suggest that his legacy has been exposing the extent to which racism lives in Hollywood.
In this episode of "Canada Debunked", Anna Hudson unpacked the cliche that all Canadians live in igloos.
I have stopped existing in the binary my parents created for me: white people are bad, we're good, colonization happened, and then reclamation.
Canadians have a reputation of being the quiet pushover, but the first episode of “Canada Debunked” demystifies the stereotype and brings new meaning to Canadian identity.
In truth, too much of contemporary development work relies on stereotypes. And while overly simplistic and ingrained ideas about men, women and the poor may be useful for fundraising purposes, when put into practice by organizations they contribute to ineffective development planning.
There is no doubt that the men have made great strides in combating stereotypes about themselves. They've overcome obstacles and gained access in ways that was unimaginable not to long ago. But whether they bring South Asian women with them remains to be seen.