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Younger generations are more aware but they still face a stigma.
Corporate social awareness days like Bell Let's Talk always bring me mixed feelings.
It's difficult to see one's prejudices toward medication until you're faced with accepting it into your own life.
Jessie Golem has taken dozens of portraits of participants enrolled in Ontario's basic income pilot project, which was scrapped early by Premier Doug Ford's government.
That pill, so tiny and benign looking, has a huge effect on lifting my chemistry to a healthy level.
Asking and talking about it won't cause someone to die by suicide. In fact, the opposite may happen.
While reporting on some aspects of a tragedy is in the public interest, not everything can or should be.
It perpetuates fear through a set of decisions that force those living with HIV to disclose their status, even if the risk of transmission is non-existent.
Stigma only works if we all agree that it does. And allow it to.
Austin and Shrida are two members of Plan International Canada's Youth Advisory Council. In recognition of Menstrual Hygiene Day, they asked a few of their fellow council members about their experiences with menstrual health and stigma.