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Aya Abou Rshd studies at home in Ottawa with a borrowed school laptop.
The former British army officer was behind a group that trained first responders in Syria.
Israel says Justin Trudeau personally asked for them to be evacuated.
The attack targeted three facilities, and was joined by France and the United Kingdom.
At least 28 people in the area were killed in airstrikes and bombardments on Sunday and Monday.
The “moderate rebels” Western and Gulf states said they were funding didn’t exist in any meaningful way for much of the conflict.
Though inspired by a UN initiative, Canada is running the show outside of the international body.
Minority groups would be the biggest losers if a new civil war breaks out.
I was in Grade 8 when I was forced to leave school, after fighting started in my village in eastern rural Aleppo.
Renewed fighting in the southern Syrian governorate of Dar'a forced children and their families out of their homes and into the wilderness. After six years of war in Syria, it has become commonplace for families living through cycles of intense violence and relative calm to seek shelter in agricultural fields until it is safe to return home.