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talking to kids

It can be easy to avoid a conversation because it feels too awkward — but it's important not to.
As an advocate, I am approached by parents whose children endure discrimination at school
With few resources to help them, many LGBTQ2S+ parents make up the script as they go.
Feelings of isolation can have a direct impact on their health.
Without glorifying the fact that people were killed.
Parenting expert Alyson Schafer offers some ideas to help open the communication gates with your child.
How many times have we wondered exactly how to parent our kids when our kids throw us a curve or -- as we found out recently -- world events upend our sensibilities? Perhaps surprising is that how we parent has several underpinnings that never change, no matter what the circumstance
Lying isn't bad when you want to save someone from pain or confusion because they are too little to understand that the world can be ugly and bad. They have time to watch the news when they are bigger, to learn about terrorist attacks and shootings, about cheating and even strip clubs. But I promise, it won't be from me.