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Tamir Rice

Some have become activists as a result of their child's deaths.
If your 12-year-old son was playing in the park by himself with a toy gun and you saw video of a policeman shoot him and stand over him watching him die, and you spoke out against that injustice... what would you say if someone responded by saying All Lives Matter?
As a wave of protests against police brutality toward African Americans sweeps across America, many Canadians are once again
In essence, carrying anything and being Black will get you killed these days. Perhaps instead of DWB ("Driving while Black"), we need "Living While Black," because it seems to be an increasing struggle to do anything without getting killed -- even for children.
I won't go into the details of black groups being marginalized at the hands of white people who dominate the "center," because if you're smart enough to think that you fooled us into feeling remorse for "leaving you out" during the protest in Toronto, then you're smart enough to do a Google search to figure out historical black oppression and its endless contemporary reproductions.