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tax reform

Revera, which is owned by a Canadian crown corporation, runs an aggressive scheme to dodge U.K. taxes, a new report says.
It would be far more effective to invest in ongoing, regular analysis of all major tax provisions.
Trudeau and Morneau are in some trouble: they are rich guys who said they'd go after other rich guys. But they went after the little guys instead.
Hyperbole in negotiations and politics is nothing new, but what is it that these doctors are hoping to achieve through these tactics?
The earlier Trudeau-Benson experience should inform today's initiative.
With the number of people calling themselves corporations tripling between 2001 and 2014, the time to act is now.
The reality of these proposed changes will create far more problems than they will solve.
Requiring millionaires to pay more tax is certainly not an attack on the middle class or mom-and-pop corner stores.
Government wants to draw a clear line between doctors and nurses, facetiously suggesting that hard-working nurses pay higher taxes than "lazy" doctors.