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She says she got permission to photograph and pose at the sites.
The 18-day ordeal sparked international interest.
The 12 members of the soccer team and their coach first went missing on June 23.
"It is a thin skin... and we do not yet fully understand how it will react."
Because there's so much more than Pad Thai.
Hat: I must confess that loathe wearing hats. This is a terrible thing to admit because they're so essential for travel but
Bottom line: there are plenty of pretty darn cool things to do in Thailand. And pretty much none of them should have to involve tracking down lost friends after Zach Galifianakis slipped a handful of barbiturates in your drink.
It's a classic case of haute couture meets prawn couture.
It's easy to plant yourself in Bangkok for your entire trip to Thailand. It's true, you'll never run out of things to do, flavors to taste or Singhas to sip. However, spending your entire Thailand visit in Bangkok means you're missing out on some of the country's greatest destinations. These five Thai towns and cities are just as impressive as Bangkok, if you can peel yourself away from the capital city.
By 2020, tourist numbers could rise to 47.5 million.