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the dress

Is it blue, purple, violet or pink? AHH!
And it's all in thanks to your local meteorologist.
Get ready to be the hottest controversy at this year's Halloween party!
We're not saying anyone's wrong. But really, it's the left one.
Social media campaigns aim to enhance a company's marketing efforts, but sometimes, they don't always go as planned. Effective social media campaigns include posting original content that is timely, relevant and appeals to a target audience. However, what some businesses define as timely and relevant may not be the same as how the target audience identifies with it.
While many people have been poking fun at "The Dress," the Salvation Army is using the viral phenomenon for good. This week
Someone took an Internet phenomenon a bit too seriously. Daniel Howland, a 24-year-old from Texas, got a tattoo of The Dress
It was #thedress that broke the Internet but now we can finally say with authority what it's true colour is. Sorry to break
At risk of angering Beliebers, Jimmy Fallon pledged his allegiance to #teamwhiteandgold: Zendaya is flipping out: Ariana
Last night, the colour of a dress seduced the Internet. Yes, it was a cool optical illusion. Yes, other than Victoria's Secret Swim Special there wasn't much on TV that night. But the real reason the dress continues to captivate our attention is because humans love to form groups based on often trivial similarities. Once we form these groups, we love to fight with outsiders. People were more interested in pledging allegiance to #teamwhiteandgold or #teamblueandblack than reading about the science behind the photo.