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The Gap

The clothing chain issued a formal apology on Twitter.
Mind the (thigh) gap, and its respective backlash. The Gap sparked a Twitter firestorm by posting a photo of a thin, waif
Sales of jeans in Canada are in a long-term decline, and the cause of the trend lies partly with a homegrown phenomenon: Lululemon
We think Gap just found its newest model, and he comes cheap! A Vancouver man is getting a lot of attention thanks to his
Not only is the Internet a mecca for those nostalgically-inclined, the release of Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke’s "Before Midnight
For those lusting after an Hermès shirt which costs $91,500: Wait until the sale. The French luxury brand sent the crocodile
Get ready, gentlemen (and ladies who want their men to dress well): Gap is launching a sexy fall collection tailored made
Charities today are actively looking for innovative ways to connect people to their causes. What is interesting is how much innovation is coming from outside the traditional charitable sector. We are learning that if a cause or a project matters to people, they want to be a part of it even if it is not connected to a known charity.
Who doesn't love a good sneak peek -- especially when it comes to home decor, fashion or beauty products? In this regular