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The Pulse

His critics say Canadians are just attracted to his good looks and sunny disposition, but will abandon him when it comes
Brian Gallant's Liberals are on track for a big victory in New Brunswick's provincial election, according to two new polls
A new poll suggests that Rob Ford has moved definitively into second place in the Toronto mayoral race, outpacing Olivia
In the race to replace Tim Hudak as the next leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservatives, obscurity could be the greatest
The latest poll shows Justin Trudeau's Liberals still lead the governing Conservatives in national voting intentions by a
As Liberals gather in Edmonton this week for their summer caucus, a new poll shows Justin Trudeau has widened his lead over
The strategy adopted by new Bloc Québécois leader Mario Beaulieu, to put the push for Quebec independence front and centre
No matter who the provincial Tories choose as their leader, the Liberals under Dwight Ball are in position to win the next
A new poll suggests John Tory has taken the lead in the Toronto mayoral race, with Olivia Chow dropping into third. The survey
Which candidate in the Toronto mayoral race is the choice of federal Conservatives, Liberals or New Democrats? New data gives
It is a trite and mostly meaningless talking point, but the Conservatives do best when they are "focusing on the economy
Will New Brunswick be the next province to elect a Liberal government when voters head to the polls in September? Liberal
A new poll shows Justin Trudeau's Liberals continue to hold a national lead in voting intentions, though the Conservatives
A new poll shows British Columbians and Albertans have wildly divergent views on the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline, though
People from coast to coast are celebrating Canada Day today but, according to a newly released poll, half of them find little
In the four federal byelections to be held in Alberta and Ontario on Monday, will Justin Trudeau's Liberals continue their
A new poll suggests Canadians are giving a thumbs down to the Conservative government's cyberbullying legislation, at least
At a time when support for the Parti Québécois and sovereignty is at historic ebbs, the Bloc Québécois has chosen an ardent
Few expected the Liberals would be able to pull a majority government out of this week's provincial election in Ontario, but
Could the last week of the Ontario provincial election campaign decide the outcome? It’s been difficult for polls to gauge