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Therapy Dogs

You may just encounter one this holiday season, if you're lucky.
They help patients return to a state of well-being.
Masses were found in his liver and on his stomach.
Meet Piper. She's a 5 1/2 year old Golden Retriever and her dad, Bryan Tenenhouse, is a former colleague of mine. I met Piper for the first time back in the Fall. She and her dad were out for a stroll and I was sitting at a sidewalk cafe, checking emails. She's training to be a service dog.
InHarmony Dental Care in Victoria, B.C. is believed to be the first dentist's office in Canada to use therapy dogs.
It's not all that easy to say a visit to the hospital brings you joy, but for pet therapy dogs, that's exactly what their
He's "the happiest dog in the world."
Video From Global Edmonton The Edmonton International Airport has brought in a band of furry friends to help calm frazzled
An apartment building in Washington, DC, is making every non-committal renter's dream come true. In addition to boasting