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Thomas Mulcair

A body language expert dissects the party leaders' style.
How the hell a former punk rocker ended up in federal politics
Decision time soon to replace Thomas Mulcair.
NDP leader hammers Liberals for backing away from a pledge on access to information.
The opposition has stood united against Meilleur's appointment.
More than seven MPs suggested Joly was lying.
"At some point you’ve got to stop backing up."
The NDP is seen to be the one with the toughest hill to climb. The party faithful believes that the NDP lost ground because it allowed itself to be outmanoeuvred by the Liberal Party -- on the left. The leadership contest is an opportunity to see which of the candidates are seriously listening to the expressed desire of the rank and file to move the party to the left.
Thanks to right-wing anti-Cuba propaganda, politicians on the left run for cover when asked for an opinion on Castro. The latest shameful example was furnished by interim NDP Leader Tom Mulcair. Is it any wonder that Justin Trudeau ate the NDP's lunch during the 2015 federal election, and continues to do so?