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Tony Clement

The ex-Tory MP said his "well-informed" source is not the gun lobby.
The former Tory MP admitted to “inappropriate exchanges that crossed lines that should never have been crossed” last November.
The hockey team's bus accident resonated across the globe.
The veteran MP says he "crossed lines that should never have been crossed."
"I took him at his word that this was an isolated incident," said Andrew Scheer.
Sometimes body language speaks the loudest.
Veteran MPs battle over 'integrity' of former minister.
The host "talked over me constantly," Tony Clement said.
Clement dropped out of the race in October.
The wedge politics and fearmongering of the Conservatives in the last election were resoundingly rejected by Canadians. Whether it is Kellie Leitch playing to xenophobia with her values test or Tony Clement gleefully trampling our rights, it seems the Conservative Party still hasn't gotten the memo.