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toronto district school board

Students at schools with median family incomes exceeding $150,000 per year are most likely to meet provincial math standards. What about everyone else?
My daughter's robotics team doesn't accept that restricting Canadian freedoms is the way to respond to U.S. policy aimed at foreign nations.
For now, it will move forward with the 24 U.S. trips that have already been approved, but the entire group will turn back if any students with appropriate documentation are turned away.
The reasons behind the school's dwindling numbers aren't pretty.
The introduction and popularity of artificial, toxic turf in playing fields and playgrounds throughout Toronto (and well beyond), is shocking, terrifying, and absolutely something we should ALL be outraged about -- and taking action on, now.
The TDSB wants to make schools more inclusive for students.
On Tuesday, GTA students turned to Twitter to find out if the "bad weather" was enough to warrant a snow day.
We teachers have nothing to be sorry about. Despite what the government and school boards say, it's not our fault. It's not our doing. And it's certainly not our choice. Please don't tell me it's because we're asking for more money. Because we're not. Or that we're asking for better benefits. Because we're not. Or even that we're asking for more sick days. Because we're not. The only things we're asking is for is the freedom to use our knowledge as professionals to give your child the best education possible.