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toronto mayor rob ford

The former Toronto mayor died Tuesday after a battle with cancer.
It's almost as if that nasty business of the media running roughshod -- downright bullying -- a man suffering from a mental illness never happened. Journalists never hounded him at the rehabilitation facility. Or coerced other patients into revealing intimate details of his treatment. Or wrote features about the clinic founder's own history with the law. Now that he's dealing with a physical disease, on the other hand, it's real. Let's give the man some privacy, our noble journalism vanguards suddenly declare.
It's been more than a year since Ford was revealed to be a crack smoker but he has maintained his meaty grip on power, and is currently dominating the media coverage of Toronto's upcoming municipal election. To pull this off, Ford has redefined the art of crisis communications, demonstrating that you can survive scandal by simply avoiding the truth or drowning it out. Ford is not, of course, the first to use silence, denial and obfuscation to advance his own interests.
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford isn't a big fan of Toronto's Pride festivities, but he still managed to make a splash this year. Sort
Toronto Mayor Rob Ford gave an emotional speech Monday, his voice occasionally cracking as he acknowledged he'd been in denial
The sad irony of most addictions is the addict participates in this behaviour as a means to connect with others, but the result is always a distancing from others. This is what we are witnessing now with Mayor Ford -- as he slips further into his self-destructive addictive behaviour, he pushes even those fiercely loyal to him further away. For me, the pathway to my addiction was set in motion by the sexual abuse I experienced as a child. Only time will tell what demon lies at the heart of Rob Ford's behaviour.
A series of fake election signs mocking Toronto Mayor Rob Ford have begun springing up in Toronto and are quickly drawing
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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford had a welcoming committee when he touched down at the Los Angeles airport Saturday. Ford's spokesman
My name is David Soknacki. Never heard of me? Don't worry, neither has Jimmy Kimmel. While other candidates have been making headlines with their personal ups and downs, I've been thinking about what's best for Toronto. I am running for mayor.
The current mayor has personal defects including doing and buying drugs, binge drinking of alcohol and has been videotaped using profane rants and videotaped with faulty characters while in office. John Tory, while not prefect, does not and will not embarrass the city. I trust and admire his judgement.
While in B.C. for a funeral, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was spotted at Coquitlam pub the Foggy Dew (and, uh, ticketed for jaywalking
Sometimes love is so complicated that you don't know what to say. Luckily, Rob Ford does. Toronto artist Scotty Naughty has
There they sit facing each other in Toronto City Hall -- two very rich men of much more than considerable girth, strangely similar, radiating mutual admiration, screw-you arrogance and otherworldly chutzpah. This odd couple comes together last Monday on Vision's The Zoomer. It's never the widely advertised interview promised, because the Baron doesn't know how to interview. Instead, it's a chat between two obviously misunderstood innocents. So no tough, probing questions from the Baron to the Mayor along the lines of "have you no shame, sir? No decency?"
Rob, meet Kelvin. He can be a tremendous role model for you (and for all other politicians who have lost their way). Kelvin reminds us just how amazing human potential is, even coming out of a thoroughly corrupted environment. Kelvin is not paid a salary by his community, but maybe we should start demanding more out of our own (paid) community representatives.
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CBC and CityNews have interviewed Mohamed Farah, the man who says he was broker for the infamous Rob Ford crack video. In