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Toronto Stock Exchange

Stocks and the U.S. dollar are down. Bets Trump is history are up.
As the CPC strategizes for a new party leader, some right-minded pundits of market fundamentalism are touting the inexperienced political outsider as a serious contender for party leader. That imprudent direction may well prove to widen the chasm between the CPC and wiser-than-previously-anticipated average Canadian voters.
The reverse Robin Hood philosophy has been fully embraced by the Ontario government, an odd turn of events for the self-proclaimed "social justice premier." Nothing shows this philosophy better than the government's newest costly experiment, the cap-and-trade carbon tax.
It's doing even better than Wall Street!
Canadian stocks not doing as well.
But it still hasn't returned to previous highs.
It has been a wild day for the loonie.
Look one or two years into the future, and focus on that. History has proven that the market can, and will, recover. In Feb 2009 the TSX was at its lowest, and by February 2011 it had doubled back. So prepare to be in this for the long haul, and you'll be richer for it.
On the bright side, the loonie actually ended the day up.
The New York Stock Exchange just closed out its best week this year, but the Toronto Stock Exchange's rally fizzled Friday